Welcome to the website for The Seagrave Singers, Kettering, Northamptonshire. 

We meet on Monday evenings, between 18.45 - 21.00 hrs at.........


St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Northampton Road, Kettering, NN15 7JZ

New bookings available

New members always welcome       *No auditions*       2 free taster sessions

If you would like more information about our choir, please ring Diane Batey 01536 723515 for an informal chat.

 There are few pastimes more rewarding, or just good fun, than singing with people who love making music as much as you do. 


 Charitable Donation 2020

The Seagrave Singers were delighted to donate £500 to their 2019/20 chosen charity ~

The Centenary Wing at Kettering General Hospital.

In normal circumstances we would formally hand of the cheque at a presentaion evening, but obviously, this year, we had to forgo that. However we would like to thank the staff of the unit who do a marvellous job, and we hope that the money will be of benefit to the department. 


The choir are hopeful of restarting rehearsals, in line with guidelines from the government, in the near future.

Watch this space! 

Keep safe and....... keep singing!

Choir members are staying in touch with regular Monday evening "on-line video conferencing", weekly emails, and the use of WhatsApp



  The choir are very disappointed that they are not able to perform at any Christmas Concerts this year. So once again the ladies of the Seagrave Singers have got together virtually. Please enjoy"The Colours of Christmas" by John Rutter, as we wish everyone a safe, but, Happy Christmas.



**Message from Heather Bates, Musical Director** 

Very proud of Seagrave Singers. Even a global pandemic isn't enough to stop the ladies somehow being able to sing together! With no rehearsals, one of the choir members took it upon themselves to have a go at putting a virtual choir together. The ladies had to record themselves individually which was a new and daunting experience for many, before it was over to Sandra and her husband to put it all together! Thank you to everyone involved, we hope you enjoy our first ever virtual song!


  Those who contributed to the above "virtual" choir singing had a lot of fun doing it. Armed with only hand-held devices, and later edited on a home computer , we set forth to produce our version of "You Raise Me Up".

Once the project was announced everyone was eager to start practising the song with our rehearsal track, provided by Heather. Recording at home was not without it's ups and downs. Where to record it? Some people went as far as decluttering rooms and even taking paintings off the wall. There were problems with lampshades looking like hats! Balancing the phone meant a lot of ingenuity for those who don't own a music stand. Most phones were balanced precariously on a variety of books, boxes and tablemats. One girl had it sussed though, and recorded her piece on the stairs where she could see her phone with ... the words of the song next to it. Someone else stuck the words onto her fireplace. Interruptions were made by kindly husbands offering to make cups of coffee, dogs lapping at their water bowls, and doorbells ringing! Earphones fell out of ears! One lady sang beautifully, unfortunately the camera was focussed on her midrift rather than her face....so that had to be repeated! As did those who recorded in portrait mode, rather than landscape mode. Our "poshest" recording took place in a rehearsal room in Blackburn Cathedral, with the phone resting on a hassock, being supported by a gin glass......empty I hasten to add. 

Although we all felt a little self-concious, smiling into a camera with no-one around, and then singing in an empty space, we all found it an uplifting expericence and it was a great morale boost for the choir during these very frustrating times. 



For further details please contact Diane on 01536 723515, Choirformal1080


The Seagrave Singers would like to thank the following people for their time, patience and contribution in creating their image.

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Forthcoming Events


8th May 2021 ~ St Mary's Church, Burton Latimer - Joint Concert with Jewel Tones under 18yrs Girls Choir from Reading

22nd May 2021 ~ Woodford Wedding

Date to be confirmed ~ Lunchtime Concert at St Mary's Church Higham Ferrers


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